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Register of Veterinarians
The Register of Veterinarians, being a public document, is maintained on this website for access by all users.
Complaints Investigation Outcomes
To view the outcomes from investigations of a selection of complaint cases, please visit the CAC Outcomes page.
Resources for overseas qualified applicants

The Code of Professional Conduct for Veterinarians
This Code sets out the professional and ethical standards veterinarians are required to meet and may be measured against. Click on the relevant link in the menu to the left, or click here.
Annual Workforce Analysis Report

The Annual Report
Contains information on Council membership, and summary reports from the Council Chairperson and Chairpersons of all the Council Committees.

VCNZ Updates

  • March 2018 Update (PDF)
    New animal welfare regulations
  • March 2018 Update (PDF)
    Have you renewed your APC?; Code update; US study on the veterinary profession
  • February 2018 Update (PDF)
    APC renewal; RHDV1-K5 information; Authorising the use and purchase of RVMs; Vetscript
  • January 2018 Update (PDF)
    Happy new year; Minimum practising standards; Judicial committee hearing; Registration timeframes; AMR; Privacy issues; Fair trading; Advertising
  • December 2017 Update (PDF)
    2018 APC renewal; Ministry of Health consultation
  • November 2017 Update (PDF)
    Update from the Chair Nick Twyford
  • November 2017 Update (PDF)
    Online APC renewal; is your email address up to date?; releasing personal information to law enforcement agencies; the role of the lay person on the Notification Review Group; the vet cookbook; Vetscript; euthanasia guidelines for avians; reminder about residues and withholding requirements
  • October 2017 Update (PDF)
    Ministry of justice's work on family violence; CAC finding – the risk of pattern matching
  • 13 October 2017 Update (PDF)
    We've extended the deadline for feedback until Tuesday 31 October to give you more time to make submissions. We're proposing some significant changes, and we want to know what you think.
  • September 2017 Update (PDF)
    Draft veterinary medicines section of the Code; Codes of welfare survey; August Vetscript
  • 11 September 2017 Update (PDF)
    Correction - Important information about your CPD
  • August 2017 Update (PDF)
    We're moving; Update from the Chair; CPD cycle; Veterinary bonding scheme; more on privacy; Update from the SPCA; Animal welfare regulations; save the date
  • July 26 2017 Update (PDF)
    CPD requirements; Mycoplasma bovis; Social media and complaints; Withholding periods and authorisations; Article: what happens after graduation; Save the date
  • July 19 2017 Update (PDF)
    Theft of cyanide pellets; Tetracycline; Tail docking of dogs banned; Advertising your services
  • June 29 2017 Update (PDF)
    Update from the Chair; Supporting recent graduates; Under stress?; Update from the SPCA; Changes to Radiation Safety; June Vetscript; Bobby calves
  • June 16 2017 Update (PDF)
    ANZCVS survey ; unauthorised use of the Register
  • May 30 2017 Update (PDF)
    Congratulations to NZVA; SPCA; endorsing products; Chlamydia psittaci; Release of records under the Privacy Act; Euthanasia guidelines; May’s Vetscript article; Update from the Complaints Assessment Committee; Invitation to hear Dr Rebecca Ledger speak
  • May 19 2017 Update (PDF)
    Update from the Dairy Cattle Veterinarians branch of NZVA – shortage of supply of magnesium oxide
  • May 1 2017 Update (PDF)
    New Registrar Ian McLachlan; Recent surveys; Section 209 medicines; Vetscript article - After hours services; Learnings for the profession; Euthanasia guidelines
  • April 3 2017 Update (PDF)
    Learning from a complaint; Dentals; Prescribing; Fitness of livestock for transport; Calling yourself a specialist; Vetscript article; A final note about complaints; Under stress?; Antibiotics survey - thanks
  • March 15 2017 Update (PDF)
    Your views on advertising antibiotics
  • February 2017 Update (PDF)
    Welcome Sean McKinley; Veterinary Medicines section of the Code; Human Medicine usage; AMR usage survey, roadshow; MPI invitation; Vet Bonding Scheme
  • January 2017 Update (PDF)
    Welcome to the new year; Radiation Safety Act; Research project: Volunteer Lower North Island Practising Veterinarians Wanted
  • 22 December 2016 Update (PDF)
    Code update: Client relationships; Recent vetscript articles; APC fees; Online APC renewal
  • 2 December 2016 Update (PDF)
    Election results; CPD auditing
  • 18 November 2016 Update (PDF)
    Vitae Counselling services; Veterinary Council office temporarily closed
  • 7 November 2016 Update (PDF)
    Responsible use of antibiotics; Please vote in the VCNZ elections; Meet the Council in Auckland; Your stories for the AVBC Education Forum; Drug dilemmas
  • October 2016 Update (PDF)
    Minimum practising standards checklists; 2015/16 Annual report; Consultation on next year’s APC fee
  • September 2016 Update (PDF)
    Changes to the Code of Professional Conduct; VCNZ elections: nominations close soon; Employability survey; Controlled drugs survey; Dealing with complaints; Learnings for the profession; Unauthorised use of our name
  • 9 September 2016 Update (PDF)
    Departure of Janet Eden, CEO/Registrar
  • August 2016 Update (PDF)
    VCNZ elections; Welcome to Jenny Weston; Controlled drugs survey out now; The power of apologies; Clarification: new radiation safety regulations
  • July 2016 Update (PDF)
    Correction of previous advice about Advantage flea treatment; Controlled drugs survey; Health and safety in clinics; Silicon eyeballs; Disposal of controlled drugs; Communication with clients
  • June 2016 Update (PDF)
    Wayne Ricketts; New strategic plan; Council decision making; 2016 CPD audit; VCNZ elections; Radiation safety regulations; Learnings from recent complaints
  • May 2016 Update (PDF)
    VCNZ submission to MPI on animal welfare regulations; Criticising other vets; Silicon eyeball transplants; Animal welfare issues; Regulation of allied veterinary professionals; Learnings from recent complaint cases
  • April 2016 Update (PDF)
    Welcome to Wayne Ricketts; Your feedback on the Client Relationships section of the Code of Professional Conduct; VCNZ elections; Who needs an APC?; Concerns about animal welfare; Client relationships section of the Code; Free MPI CPD course: applied outbreak investigation
  • 30 March 2016 Update (PDF)
    Changes to Council, Have you renewed your APC?, Promoting and advertising services and products, Using qualifications and post nominal titles, New Therapeutic Products Bill and section 29 medicines, Supporting newly registered graduates
  • 12 February 2016 Update (PDF)
    APC renewal, New Council member: Jane Smith, Veterinary nursing support for afterhours emergencies, EPA advice on reassessment of carbaryl, chlorpyrifos and diazinon, EPA request for comments - reassessment of organophosphates and carbamates
  • 28 January 2016 Update (PDF)
    MPI Advice - Voluntary Bonding Scheme for Veterinarians, What happens when someone notifies Council about you?, Learnings for the Profession
  • 22 December 2015 Update (PDF)
    Laymember profile, 2016 fees, APC renewal and seasons greetings
  • 5 November 2015 Update (PDF)
    Export programme for Dogs and Cats to Australia, Our people: Despina Arathimos, Retired Veterinarians Gathering 1-2 December,Results of VCNZ Performance Survey 2015
  • 14 October 2015 Update (PDF)
    Consultation on APC fees, CPD records, CPD compliance, Annual Report
  • 25 September 2015 Update (PDF)
    Vet struck off, anaesthesia of stags, export of dogs and cats
  • 18 September 2015 Update (PDF)
    Results of the 2015 Council Communication Survey
  • 8 July 2015 Update (PDF)
    Council Performance and Communication survey
    Tweaks to the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Framework
    S29 Medicines: Essential Animal Welfare Medications
  • 17 June 2015 Update (PDF)
    Consultation on proposed changes to the Professional Relationships section of the Code of Professional Conduct and explanatory notes
    Changes to the VCNZ Statement on the Induction of Calving in Cattle
    Advisory for veterinarians from MPI Biosecurity – Brown dog tick detected on a Wellington dog - Please keep an eye out for ticks
  • May 2015 Update (PDF)
    Advice from MPI – Veterinary Bonding Scheme - re-opening for waiting list;
    Revised MPI Notices – Requirements for Authorising Veterinarians and Veterinary Operating Instructions – request for comments by 29 May 2015
  • April 2015 Update (PDF)
    Advice from MPI – Brown dog ticks
  • March 2015 Update (PDF)
    APC Renewal - Urgent reminder; Free CPD Course - Applied Outbreak Investigation: Ministry for Primary Industries
  • February 2015 Update (PDF)
    Revised Induction statement; CPD declarations; and recall of one batch of Neo-Mercazole (Carbimozole)
  • January 2015 Update (PDF)
    Tail docking, APCs and MPI Voluntary Bonding Scheme
  • September 2014 Update (PDF)
  • July 2014 Update (PDF)
  • December 2013 Update (PDF)
  • September 2013 Update (PDF)

A quarterly publication updating all registered veterinarians on progress within the Veterinary Council and Secretariat.

VCNZ Updates in VetScript

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Specialist Registration Booklet
For information on Specialist Registration and a copy of the Specialist Registration Booklet and Application form, please contact the Registration Officer.
List of Current Veterinary Specialists
VCNZ Policies and Statements

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