Emergency Care Review

Emergency care requirements are set by the Veterinary Council of New Zealand (VCNZ) for all veterinarians.

This ensures that animal welfare is protected, public expectations are met and the workload is, as far as possible, shared fairly between veterinary teams.

However, emergency care (particularly after hours) is often highlighted as having an impact on veterinarians’ wellbeing and overall work satisfaction. Reports of this have increased in the last couple of years and have often been attributed to the shortage of veterinarians.

VCNZ is conducting a review to determine if our emergency care requirements are still fit for purpose, and whether any regulatory changes are needed. This review will help VCNZ to better understand the impact that providing emergency after hours services has on veterinarians and other veterinary staff.

It will also help VCNZ to:

  • Understand the impact the provision of emergency care and after hours have on the sustainability of veterinarian businesses (employment and financial viability).
  • Understand how emergency care and after hours provision should be regulated.
  • Determine how VCNZ’s rules affect the delivery of 24/7 emergency care.
  • Understand what emergency care operational models are being used, and their sustainability and effectiveness.
  • Understand public expectations in terms of emergency care.

Throughout this process, there will be opportunities for all veterinarians to contribute their thoughts, ideas and experiences. More information about this will be shared soon.

If you have any questions, please contact us. If you would like to be involved, you can let us know by filling out our interest form.