Veterinarians' Health

Supporting Veterinary wellbeing

To ensure the wellbeing of veterinarians, VCNZ, together with the New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA) offer a Veterinary Wellness programme.
The programme is designed to help identify and manage stress in the workplace. Available to all veterinarians, this programme offers a confidential counselling service and a 24 hour phone service that’s open seven days a week. You can receive three free sessions each year.
Counselling is offered through Vitae, a national provider of workplace wellbeing services. Appointments can be made via the 24-hour free-phone service 0508 664 981 or on completion of a self-referral Counselling Form.
Our information booklet, Vets wellbeing, resilience and managing in a complex environment , also gives some useful tips to ensure a work/life balance.

How we deal with health issues

If a veterinarian’s health may be affecting their fitness to practise, we may need to get involved. Our approach is rehabilitative and we try to work with veterinarians to help them practise safely and at their best. If you have health issues that may impact on your fitness to practise (or if you have a colleague in  this situation), you can contact us for an informal discussion

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