COVID-19 resources for veterinarians

 This page collates advice and resources to help veterinarians plan for, prevent and minimise the spread of COVID-19 in New Zealand. It will be updated as the situation progresses, so check back regularly. 

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Updated standards and guidance
Articles and news
Look after yourself and your colleagues
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Updated standards and guidance

We are reviewing and updating our guidance based on the current situation. The following documents have already been reviewed and updated. You can see our older documents below which may still be helpful too.

Articles and news

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Look after yourself and your colleagues

Support for individuals

We strongly recommend talking to family, friends and colleagues about how you are doing, even if you feel fine. If you aren’t doing so well, please ask for help. Looking after your mental health is a responsibility you owe to your friends, family, clients and colleagues as well as yourself.

Options include:

  • Talking to colleagues, friends or family
  • Calling Vitae on 0508 664 981 for free, confidential and professional counselling
  • Calling or texting 1737 for support from a trained counsellor
  • Accessing resources from the Mental Health Foundation
  • Using the contact and support resources and links on the Government COVID-19 website
  • Contacting VCNZ or NZVA for advice and support.

For work-related issues, Employment NZ’s guidance on COVID-19 alert levels and the workplace is a useful resource for employers and employees.

Support for businesses

Businesses must take care of their teams. There is guidance for business leaders available, including guidance from Worksafe , the Government Health & Safety Lead and the Mental Health Foundation.

You can also visit our Wellbeing and COVID-19 page to read more about looking after your mental health during the pandemic.

Wellbeing & COVID-19


We've put together answers to many of the questions we've been receiving from veterinarians. If you have questions about practising and COVID-19, check them out because we may well have an answer for you. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, you can always contact us.

Other resources:


Veterinary & primary sector

Resources from NZ practices