Guidelines and standards

COVID-19 specific guidance and standards

The following documents have been created to set expectations and provide guidance during the current emergency situation. The situation is changing day by day and we will keep updating them so check back regularly.

Our standards

Our standards set out what is expected of veterinarians. All veterinarians in New Zealand must meet these standards.

Our statements

Statements provide more detailed requirements for veterinarians on specific issues. Veterinarians must comply with them.

Our guidance

Guidance is prepared to help veterinarians deal with specific issues in practice. It presents a good way of applying professional standards but this may not be the only way. Veterinarians can safely rely on our guidance but they do not have to follow it if they believe another approach is better, provided it complies with our standards and statements and they apply good professional judgment. Because our guidance is specific, it won’t apply in every situation.

Other guidance for veterinarians

Here is some additional guidance for veterinarians from other sources.